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At the core of Moon Glow is Bari Roberts Guitar
& Vocals) and Michael Gaines (Bass & Vocals).
Michael met Bari, and sparks flew. They fell in
love, however, their passion in music differed.
Bari was a Folkie, and Michael was transitioning
from Classic Rock to Bebop. Both delved into
each other's musical worlds. What came out of
this hook up? Bari traded her folk guitar in for an
Arch Top. Michael hung his Fender Jazz bass on
the wall, and took up the Bass Fiddle. They
discovered common ground in the swing music
popular in the early days of jazz and Ballroom
Together the two took a dive into the music
community of Monterey Bay, jam sessions, and
music camps. These experiences developed skills
and relationships with a plethora fine musicians.
Together they make a solid rhythm section
frosted with their vocals. Their performances
with a variety of musicians provide a sweet
ambiance for any occasion .